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UCSF-John Muir Health Cancer Center

John Muir Health Cancer Center

UCSF-John Muir Health Cancer Center

John Muir Health in Partnership with UCSF Health

John Muir Health, a nationally recognized community health system, and UCSF Health, a world-renowned academic medical system, are creating a revolutionary new comprehensive Cancer Network.

This partnership will establish integrated care systems and a seamless patient experience that keeps the focus on what is best for oncology patients and their families while receiving care close to home.

Revolutionizing Cancer Care

More than 12,100 people in the East Bay were newly diagnosed with cancer last year. It’s time to meet this rapid disease rate and begin a new era of world-class, cohesive care in Walnut Creek to help those loved ones and neighbors who are fighting for their lives.

The co-branded comprehensive Cancer Center will serve as a hub for our network of cancer care sites throughout the East Bay, including Berkeley, Brentwood and San Ramon. This 155,000-squarefoot Walnut Creek Cancer Center will offer patients the most advanced screening, treatment, prevention, survivorship services, research and clinical trials available. All close to home.

The Campaign

The respective strengths and resources of John Muir Health and UCSF are complementary and synergistic, aligned in the shared values of exceptional and compassionate patient care. Our vision of building an integrated Cancer Network in the East Bay is anchored in a co-branded comprehensive Cancer Center on John Muir Health’s Walnut Creek campus.

UCSF’s clinical and research fortitude will augment the outstanding cancer care that John Muir Health physicians and staff already provide. Together, we will offer state-of-the-art services in a therapeutic environment...close to home, where the support of friends and family can assist in the healing process.

Patients will seamlessly receive the expertise of specialists from both health systems, including premier genetic and international precision medicine professionals, extensive and holistic support networks, and compassionate personalized cancer services...without ever having to cross a bridge.

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